Electric Upright & Elevated Stoves

This guide has been put together by the Home Clearance team to help you make the best decision when buying an electric stove.

First things first, let’s look at the difference between upright and elevated stoves:

Upright Stoves

Also known as an Upright Oven or a Freestanding Oven.


  • Incorporates an oven, a cooktop and sometimes also a grill
  • A budget-friendly way to buy an oven and cooktop
  • Fairly easy and cheap to install
  • Range in size from the standard 60cm through to 90cm
  • Range in style from white enamel to stainless steel and colour
  • Having the oven down the bottom can be a problem if you have mobility issues

Elevated Stoves


  • The oven is placed to the side of the cooktop (either on the left or right)
  • Usually also incorporates a grill (beneath the cooktop)
  • Usually only available in white enamel
  • Good for people with mobility issues as everything is at waist height
  • Requires quite a lot of space

Features to Consider

Oven Capacity

If you don’t do a lot of cooking, a standard width 60cm oven should suit you fine. However if you regularly host dinner parties, you might want to look into getting an oven with a larger capacity.

Remember to measure the available space thoroughly before you buy.

Number of Stove Elements

A standard 60cm width stove will give you four elements. The wider 90cm stoves will include up to six elements. The wider models also provide more room for larger pots.

Please note that with an electric stove, you’ll need to use flat-bottomed cookware.

Induction Cooktop

If you love cooking and you have the right budget, you should definitely consider investing in a stove with induction technology. This style of cooktop is superior to traditional electric cooktops because it’s faster, more energy efficient, and incredibly safe to use.

Please note however that induction cooktops only work with stainless steel or cast iron cookware.


Some stove models include a separate grill, which is great for quickly cooking sausages, chops, chicken skewers, grilled cheese and more. Having a separate grill allows you to cook two separate dishes (in the grill and in the oven) without mixing cooking odours.

If your upright oven does not have a separate grill, chances are the oven will provide a grill function.

Fan Forced Oven

It’s worth investing in a fan forced oven, as this will give you faster and more professional cooking results.

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