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Home Clearance sells a large range of electric wall ovens. Here are some things to consider before you buy:


Measure the cavity before you make a purchase – not all ovens are the same size.

You should also consider the interior size of the oven (which is measured in litres). The larger the oven, the more you’ll be able to cook.

Electronic Controls

Basic ovens will come with simple control knobs. However the more advanced ovens will feature electronic controls – offering a greater variety of cooking options.

Electronic controls allow for greater temperature precision, which is great if you’re cooking something tricky like a soufflé. Some ovens can also be programmed to stop and start cooking at specified times – freeing you up to prepare other elements of your dish.

Selected models also offer automatic cooking menus. The oven comes pre-programmed with a number of popular dishes, and it will instruct you through the cooking process. Some ovens also allow you to program in your own favourite recipes.

Finally, electronic controls can be locked – thus preventing your kids from switching the oven on.

Fan Forced

Some electric ovens feature a fan to circulate hot air evenly around the oven’s interior. This will speed up the cooking process, and ensure that your food is cooked evenly.

Oven Door Glazing

The more layers of glass in your oven door, the more heat will be retained. This will lead to more efficient cooking, and a more comfortable kitchen environment.

Cooling Fan

Look for an oven with a tangential cooling fan – which will circulate cool air around the carcass of the oven. This helps to keep the temperature inside your kitchen comfortable.

Defrost Function

Some ovens offer a defrost function – which basically just operates the fan without the heating element. This provides a healthier alternative to microwave defrosting.

Fan-Assisted Grill

This is a terrific cooking feature to look out for. It is perfect for roasting meat, as the circulating hot air will crisp your roast on the outside, while cooking it perfectly in the middle.

Pyrolytic Ovens

[IMAGE: pyrolytic oven compare appliances online]

Also known as ‘self-cleaning ovens’, these ovens use high temperatures to convert food residues into ash. Once the oven has cooled down, you can simply wipe this ash away with a damp cloth.

Pyrolytic Oven Features:

  • Oven racks will need to be removed prior to running the cleaning cycle
  • The oven door will lock automatically during the process for safety reasons
  • Great for busy households who don’t have time to clean the oven
  • No need to use harsh cleaning products

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