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Electro Seconds sells spare parts to go with your new appliances:

Laundry Accessories
• Anti-vibration pads for washing machines
• Detergent racks for dryer stands
• Anti vibration mats for dryer stacking
• Dryer stacking stands

Cooking Accessories
• Catalytic liner kits for Westinghouse ovens
• Pizza kits for Westinghouse ovens
• Cast iron griddle pans
• Non-stick baking dishes for Westinghouse ovens

Refrigerator Accessories
• Door reversing kits for Westinghouse fridges
• Fridge integration kits for Westinghouse and Kelvinator fridges

Fabric Care Accessories
• Dryer venting kits
• Dryer stacking kits for Electrolux washing machines
• Electrolux front load washing machine pedestal stands

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