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Fridge Freezer buying guides

Hot Water Systems

When buying a new hot water system for your home, it’s important to do your research to make sure you get the right size and model for your needs.

Types of Hot Water Systems

Home Clearance offers two styles of hot water system: electric tank hot water systems, and gas hot water systems.

Electric Tank Hot Water Systems


This style of hot water system uses electricity to heat the water, which is then stored in a tank. Tank sizes range from 25L through to 400L.

Home Clearance stocks the two biggest brands in electric hot water systems: Rinnai and Rheem. Both brands uphold the highest quality standards – giving you total peace of mind. Plus, all our products come with full manufacturer’s warranties.

The main advantage of this style of system is that when you turn on the hot tap, the water will be hot – you don’t have to wait for cold water to turn hot. The downside however is that once the tank runs out of hot water, you’ll have to wait a while before the supply replenishes. Plus hot water tanks can take up a lot of space, while being fairly expensive to run.

Please note that there are some government restrictions that apply to electric hot water tanks. More information can be found at the Australian Government’s Energy Efficiency website.

If you’re buying a electric hot water system, chances are you’re replacing an old tank. Before you make a purchase, it’s worthwhile looking into alternatives such as gas hot water systems.

Gas Hot Water Systems


These systems use natural gas (or, in some cases, LPG) to heat the water. They are available in two styles:

  • Continuous Flow Systems – which will heat the water as it is used, giving you an endless flow of hot water.
  • Gas Storage Systems – this style of hot water system heats the water and stores it, ready for use.

Here at Home Clearance, we recommend the Continuous Flow style of gas hot water system. Not only are these units compact in size, they’re also more economical to run.

Please note that a gas hot water system can only be installed if your household has a gas connection, with the correct pipe diameter. If you are unsure, a plumber can have a look at your existing set-up and provide advice on what you need.

Water Temperature Controllers


Available with Continuous Flow hot water systems, water temperature controllers make your system easy to operate. A water controller is definitely worth the investment, as it will help you get the most out of your hot water system.

A water controller allows you to set the precise temperature for your hot water supply. This is especially vital if you have young children, as it will reduce the risk of accidental scalding.

Advantages include:

  • Controls temperature fluctuations
  • Optimum safety
  • Makes your system easy to operate
  • Extends the warranty

Deluxe water controllers can also perform diagnostic checks to make sure your system is running optimally at all times. Other advanced functions include automatic bath fill, and a shower saver feature.

Selecting the Right Size Hot Water System

If you are replacing an electric tank style of hot water system, you will need to make sure that the new one is a similar size. Our range of electric hot water tanks start at 25L and go all the way up to 400L.

If you’re switching to a gas hot water system, the size will mainly depend on the number of people in your household. As a general rule, we recommend:

  • Small household (1-2 people): 16-20 Litres/Minute Systems
  • Medium household (3-4 people): 20-26 Litres/Minute Systems
  • Large household (5+ people): 26-32 Litres/Minute Systems

Before you buy, make sure to measure carefully to ensure the dimensions of the water heater will fit into the space.

Installing Your New Hot Water System

To install a new hot water system, you’ll need to enlist the services of a licensed plumber.

Home Clearance can arrange an installation for a fixed price. Please call: 1300 002 500 for an estimate.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions about finding the right hot water system for your needs, the Appliances Online Clearance team is always happy to help! Give us a ring on: 1300 002 500 or send us an email.

Air Conditioners

Welcome to the Home Clearance guide to buying an air conditioner! Here are our tips for getting a system that best suits your needs.

Types of Air Conditioners



Window air conditioners are fairly easy to install – as they are designed to be placed in a window (without the need to cut a hole in the wall). They are good for cooling one room.

These units are fairly inexpensive and also cheap to install – making them a good choice for the budget conscious.


Inverter Split System

With inverter split system air conditioners, half of the unit is inside the home, and half outside the home (they need to be installed on an outside wall).

These systems are quite powerful, which means they’re good for cooling large rooms, or adjoining rooms.



Ducted air conditioning systems consist of a compressor (which is placed outside the house) and an inside unit (which is placed in the roof). Cool air is pumped into the house via ducts in the roof.

Although these systems can be expensive to install, they are perfect for cooling large houses with lots of rooms. A ducted air conditioning system could also increase the value of your home.



As the name suggests, portable air conditioners can be moved from room to room as required. They are small and lightweight, making them the perfect choice for anyone who rents their home.

The disadvantage with portable air conditioners is that they’re not as powerful as other options.

Some Technical Terms Explained


The word ‘inverter’ refers to an air conditioning unit that constantly alters the speed of the fan and the motor. This facilitates faster cooling speeds and better energy efficiency.

Reverse Cycle

This means that the air conditioner can heat and cool. Perfect for climates which experience cold winters and hot summers.

Air Conditioner Size Guide

Okay, let’s get down to business. This chart will give you a rough idea of the size you need:


The size of the room will always be the main consideration. To calculate the sqm, simply multiply the length of the room (in metres) by its width.

Essentially, you’re looking at 1-1.5 kilowatts of cooling power for every 10 square metres of space.

Other Considerations

  • It’s best to install your air conditioner on the side of the house that gets the least sun.
  • For optimum efficiency, mount the air conditioner high in the room.
  • You will need a professional installer for a split or ducted system, otherwise you might void the warranty.

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Our Australian Customer Support Team is available to answer your questions, 7 days a week. Give us a call on: 1300 002 500 or send us an email: [email protected]